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London Doll Pram- Executive Gray - Product Image

London Doll Pram- Executive Gray

This amazing London Doll Pram is the height of style for strolling with your favorite doll! The oversized, spoked wheels and smartly designed metal chassis offer an ultra-smooth ride. Fixed wheel position (non-swiveling) makes it easy for little ones to push around and control its path. The large, squared-off canopy, fabric boot cover for cold days, and scooped body style give the London Pram the wealthy, classic look of a traditional British perambulator. The canopy has side locks to keep it fully open. Release the locks and the canopy can be folded flat. The fabric boot cover is easy to remove and reattach. Just unsnap it from the canopy and unhook the elastic loops from the side spools to remove it. When the boot is attached, it stays smartly in place with the canopy both open and closed! Plush, removable bedding on the inside allows your doll (or favorite stuffed animal) to nap comfortably. Bedding set includes a stuffed pillow and mat. Thickly padded handle for your little mommy's comfort when a long, afternoon stroll is needed to calm fussy dollies. Also suited for use with fancy collector and display dolls! Fits up to 18" dolls.
Price:   $89.99